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Cozumel is an incredible diving destination for your dive shop or group. Cozumel offers world class diving, a wide range of accommodation options, incredibly friendly people, well developed infrastructure and healthcare options, and an incredible amount of land based tours and activities to take part in when you are not diving.

If you are looking for a destination to bring your dive group, we offer our services and experience to create an absolutely unforgettable dive vacation for your group. We completely customize each and every groups itinerary based on your groups wants, needs, and budget. We will work to find you an accommodation option to your liking. From all inclusive resorts to private vacation rentals with options of private chefs, in-home spa and house services. We will also help you to organize non-diving days with adventure and cultural activities.

We have worked with all sizes of groups since we opened our dive shop. We’ve been catering to groups of 20 divers on many occasions, taking care of every detail of the trip. So no matter the size of your group, rest assured we can help ensure you have the best dive vacation experience possible.


Benefits For Group Leaders

We appreciate that being a group leader requires a lot of time and energy both prior to traveling and while you are enjoying your Cozumel vacation. For groups of 10 or more we are happy to offer generous benefits for undertaking this heavy responsibility and will do everything within our power to aid you along the way.


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